vicmadz - vic marion madriagaHello there! My name is Vic and welcome to #LearnwithVic – a site dedicated to teach you how to start blogging. Today I would like share my story on how I got hooked with the internet.

Year 1996, as early as 8 years old, I was already exposed to the computer world. Kitty, my aunt who was a Parish Secretary at a Church here in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines taught me how to use the computer. She would “fire up” the computer during summer time and leave me alone typing and printing my name. Those were the days where Minesweeper was big time on a Windows PC.

My fascination about computers did not stop there. I was hungry to create my own website thus Yahoo and Netscape were my best friends looking for free options to create an online presence. The drive started on my interest in creating a website for our class. It may not be as extravagant as before but it was the best creation I made out of Glitter Graphics and a lil bit of flash.

The internet keeps on evolving from time to time and new things are offered to the public for free. Google introduced Blogger, a free blogging platform. I signed up and created my first ever blog where photos were downloaded from Google Images. I continued writing and posting my personal thoughts until one day I saw a group of bloggers from Cagayan de Oro.

I later followed the Professional Network of Bloggers in Cagayan de Oro and eventually joined them through one of the invites from work supervisor, Ems. By joining the CDO Bloggers, Inc., I was exposed to people with the same interest other than that the mission to promote our city. Through Blogging and Social Media 101’s that they have offered to the public, I have grown to become a¬†mature blogger and a responsible social media user. The leadership was passed on to me that paved way to media exposure and speaking engagement that amplify not only the brand VICMADZ, but the CDO Bloggers.

The road to being a professional blogger was not easy. There are a lot of resources though but having a mentor is a totally different experience and that is the reason I created “Learn with VIC”. This is my personal goal, to help new bloggers and spread out the responsible use of social media.

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I’ll see you the soonest!